Heart Health

Can you believe that? That’s 25% of the population. 25% of the people in your life that will pass away from heart disease. Stats like this are so upsetting for us at Schulte Family Chiropractic because we know that action can be taken to avoid diseases like heart disease.

Here are a few other stats that just blow us away:

  • Heart disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women (that’s 600,000 deaths each year)
  • Every minute, someone in the U.S.A. dies from heart disease
  • Every 34 seconds, someone in the U.S.A. has a heart attack (that’s 715,000 each year)

Chiropractic’s Effect On The Heart

Did you know that chiropractic research has shown that chiropractic adjustments are often accompanied by a normalization of cardiac rhythm? This tells us that spinal misalignment can create an imbalance in the stimulation to the heart.

A recent study evaluated 539 chiropractic patients with no history of heart disease. A special measurement called heart rate variability (HRV) was measured. This tells the cardiovascular fitness of someone. It also show us if the fight or flight (sympathetic) stimulation is balanced with the rest and digest (parasympathetic) stimulation to the heart. Even though the participants had no known cardiac health problems, improved balance was clear from chiropractic care.

Don’t let undetected health imbalances and stats like this become the norm for you.

Simple shifts in your daily behavior can truly save your life. Listen to Dr. Schulte’s Heart Disease Prevention Webinar replay for an opportunity to learn more ways to increase your heart health and avoid being another sad statistic.

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