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We Can Help With Pinched Nerve

The phrase “pinched nerve” is often misused by people suffering pain from an unidentified source. Nerves are actually “pinched” […]

We Can Help With Osteoporosis

10 million Americans suffer with osteoporosis and an additional 18 million have low bone mass. Many diseases and conditions […]

We Can Help With Scoliosis

Scoliosis is a condition in which the spine curves sideways. In most cases, it begins during childhood and the […]

We Can Help With Ear Infections

Around half of all children will experience an ear infection before they are one year old. Ear infections generally […]

We Can Help With Slipped Disk

A “slipped disc” is not literally a slipped disc but instead is a herniated or bulging disc. Many things […]

Inflammation: The Underlying Cause of Chronic Disease

I have many people approach me about inflammation, the causes of it and the effects of it. Chronic inflammation […]

Meet Our Youngest Patient!

This little cutie came in for his first adjustment when he was just 4 days old!

Babies go through a […]

Try Some Tea

Herbal teas can be quite powerful and effective when it comes to feeling your best. Now that the temps […]

Living In Alignment

Living in alignment with your core beliefs and values is critical to living a healthy and successful life. This […]

We Can Help With Colic

Colic is a condition that generally appears when a baby is 3 – 6 weeks old and usually resolves […]