As hard as it may be to believe, school is starting back up all around the country. We were recently reflecting with a patient about the excitement that came about while picking out your Trapper Keeper for the year and stocking up on school supplies from crayons to glue. Of course these are all essentials when it comes to kids doing well in school, but ensuring kids are as healthy as possible is even more important.

Excelling in the Classroom with Chiropractic Care

Colored MarkersMany kids are required to obtain a physical before going back to school or participating in sports. It is even more important that they have a spinal check up before heading to class. Since the nervous system is the lifeline throughout your child’s body, we must make sure there are no blockages interfering with the vital messages that need to be relayed from the brain to the body. Blockages in the nervous system cause a state of dis-ease which can lead to fatigue, weakness, lowered immune response, and a host of other symptoms. Most commonly, these blockages are caused by misalignment of the vertebrae (also known as subluxations). It is Dr. Schulte’s job to relieve these subluxations and allow the nervous system to communicate as it was intended.

Neurological disorders have become a modern epidemic. Children are being diagnosed with things such as attention deficit hyperactive disorder and being treated with drugs like Ritalin to manage their behavior.

Did you know that Ritalin falls into the same drug classification as morphine, opium, and cocaine?

It’s no wonder it can cause side effects such as moodiness, insomnia, and involuntary movements and sounds.

The good news is, many studies have shown that correction of subluxations have lead to improved emotions and behavior as well as neurological problems like:

  • anxiety
  • inability to concentrate
  • low grades
  • discipline problems
  • and more

It is not completely understood how correcting subluxations affects the function of the brain, but theories from increased blood flow to overall improved well-being are being investigated. Regardless, hundreds of children are enjoying the painless, drug-free way to optimal health and excellence in the classroom thanks to chiropractic care!

Is your child in need of an adjustment?School Bus with White Top

Some children present symptoms that make their need for an adjustment much more apparent. It is important to understand though that not all symptoms present as pain or hyperactivity. Other signs that may indicate the need for an adjustment could include:

  • Chronic fatigue
  • Frequent falls
  • Skin conditions
  • Inability to stand still
  • Nervousness
  • Irritability

By no means is this an inclusive list. The best way to ensure you and your child are living optimally is to have a spinal check up with Dr. Schulte.

You are what you eat

You have heard it before and we are here to tell you… IT’S TRUE! Your body is constantly rebuilding and it uses the food you eat to build new cells. When you eat fresh food that has not been tampered with (i.e. processed), your body can thrive and grow strong, healthy cells. When it’s provided with foods that have had their nutrients stripped from them, there is little to nothing to use for growth. This can lead to a whole host of problems. Feeding children fresh food is so important for their success. We aren’t talking doughnuts for breakfast followed by pizza and chips at lunch washed down with sugar-filled drinks. We are talking about fruits, veggies, meats, and nuts. Our nutrition program proves time and time again, when you eat a clean diet, your health improves tremendously and everything in life follows.

Too busy to provide real food?

We hear it all the time and what it comes down to is desire to change, preparation, and commitment.

You have to consider the food you provide yourself and your family. If it is fresh and nutrient rich, chances are high your family will be healthy and happy. If it isn’t, a host of nasty symptoms are almost guaranteed to follow. Fatigue, frequent colds, irritability, anxiety, bed wetting, and others are only accentuated with a poor diet.

You must make the choice to change, then start. You do not have to become super-parent overnight. Make little changes day-by-day, week-by-week – we promise you will not regret it.

Preparation is the key to eating healthy foods successfully over time. Prepare a grocery list and stick with it when you are in the stores. A good tip is to shop the exterior of the store. Items like produce, meat, and dairy are found on the outskirts (avoid the bakery though). If it’s in the center isles, it’s likely processed and deprived of nutrients. When you get home from the store, dedicate some time with the kids in the kitchen and have them help prep all the yummy produce you bought. It is so much easier to grab a clean apple and some pre-sliced carrots on your way out the door than to peel and slice carrots each time you want them. Chances are if they don’t get prepped, they will sit in the fridge and rot while you and the kids run out the door with pastries in hand. Another helpful prepping tip is to cook in bulk. Throw a few extra chicken legs on the grill or make a double batch of chili. It is hard to find time to cook everyday, so having foods that are ready to ‘heat and eat’ make life much easier.

Commitment is very important. Make changes for you or your child. Whatever your motive is, understand some days will not be great. Get back on track and start over the next day! That’s the beauty in all of this – there is no time like the present to start making good choices.

Breakfast and Lunch

If your current morning schedule does not include time for eggs and bacon, you may be thinking we are crazy to tell you to give your kids something more than a pastry on their way out the door. Well, here are several suggestions that will allow you to provide a quick, nutrient-rich breakfast on the go.

  • Hard-boiled eggs
  • Nitrate-free deli meat
  • Apple with peanut butter
  • Beef jerky
  • Nuts
  • Fruit
  • Veggies

Try to include some protein along with produce to get a good source of energy and nutrients to start the day.

Brown Paper Lunch Bag Lunch can be just as easy. There are many blogs that offer support for feeding a family and suggestions for kid friendly options. One of the best is Everyday Paleo. Sarah does a great job providing real-life suggestions and insights. Some of her lunch suggestions can be found here and here. Dr. Schulte is also a great resource since he is used to making breakfast and packing lunches with his wife for his kids who are in middle school and high school.

Sending your kids back to school with supplies is important – sending them with the food to fuel the ability to learn and grow is an absolute must. Don’t wait, start making changes today!