Meet Our Youngest Patient!

This little cutie came in for his first adjustment when he was just 4 days old!

Babies go through a […]

Living In Alignment

Living in alignment with your core beliefs and values is critical to living a healthy and successful life. This […]

Let’s Review The Basics

During any Report of Findings appointment, Dr. Schulte reviews the key elements of chiropractic care. But, we know that […]

How to Avoid Adult Onset Falling Apart Syndrome

Ever since we’ve been having this nice weather in Illinois, Dr. Schulte has heard a lot more people talking […]

Nerve Interference Impacts Way More Than How You Feel

 Did you know that only 10% of each nerve impacts the amount of pain you have? It’s true!

The other […]

How Nerve Health Directly Controls The Strength Of Your Immune Defense

Your immune system is like the armed forces. Within the armed forces, there are several divisions (Army, Navy, Marines, […]

End Allergies For Good – Naturally

Seasonal allergy symptoms can range from annoying to debilitating. As someone who suffered with seasonal allergies throughout my entire […]

We’ve Got Your Back

Low back pain is a terrible condition that Dr. Schulte helps patients with on a daily basis. In this […]

Eliminate Stomach Issues

In this webinar, Dr. Schulte talks about ways to naturally relieve stomach issues.

Effective Strategies For A Healthy Heart

Listen to Dr. Schulte’s February Body Signals Webinar for tips you can easily add into your life for a […]