Did you ever stop to think about how incredible your body is? From the time you were created, from one cell into millions, your body has used ‘Innate Intelligence’ as the orchestrator of such a masterpiece. The ‘Innate Intelligence’ has given guidance to your living cells for your entire life, and will continue to work to do so until your very last breath. It’s how your body knows exactly what is needed to become healthy and what drives your hands and feet to grow in perfect proportion with the rest of your body. Provided there is a clear path of communication to each cell, this Intelligence is able to release the exact amount of enzymes necessary, right when they are needed so that your body functions optimally.

Be a Champion

Can you imagine what would happen if the ‘Innate Intelligence’ that is driving your health, had interference and was not able to direct essential messages to your body?

What if the precious organs you rely on for vital life functions were not able to be directed properly by your ‘Intelligence’?

Chances are, you would be living a life that was less than your highest potential. In fact, Keepak Chopra M.D. said, “All disease results from a disruption of the flow of intelligence.” When intelligence is interfered with in the spine, it is called a vertebral subluxation. The bones of the spine can become misaligned which decreases the transmission of nerve supply, your body’s intelligence, while it is being sent from your brain to each and every cell and back.

The work that Dr. Schulte does, clears these subluxations and allows your ‘Innate Intelligences’ to function properly while directing your body to heal and be healthy. Think about what you and your family would be capable of if your ‘Innate Intelligence’ were free of disruptions. It has been proven that artists are more creative, athletes perform better, and people can adapt to daily stress better all while living without interferences.

Children also benefit greatly from living free of subluxations. Those who are under regular chiropractic care are sick less often and need much less medication during their lives. Senior citizens under chiropractic care have experienced a 15% lower admission rate to nursing homes.

Talk with Dr. Schulte today about the possibilities there are for you and your family.

You deserve your highest potential!

(Information from this post derived from “Topics in Clinical Chiropractic”, June 1996 study by the Rand Corporation.)