Have you ever considered a fever to be a healthy response by the body? Millions of parents rush their children to the hospital each year in response to a fever. This ‘fever fear’ has been developed as a result of the standard medical approach to illness. In actuality, a fever is not something to be “cured” like a disease. Rather, it is one our most powerful defenses against infection.Young Girl with a Fever

What is a Fever?

A healthy body will increase in temperature when threatened by an invader such as viruses or bacteria. When body temperature reaches more than 102 degrees, interferon is produced. Interferon is an incredibly powerful antibiotic and antiviral agent created naturally in the body. Doctors of chiropractic tend to view a fever as a normal condition that indicates the immune system has been activated to protect against pathogens. By medicating to reduce a fever, the body’s ability to battle disease is limited. As a result, disease tends to last longer and could lead to further complications. A fever can play an important role in developing immunity to infection. Medications used to relieve discomfort should be taken with caution.

Fear of Fever

The body is capable of regulating inner temperature as necessary. When a fever is present, dress according the external temperature (not body temperature). Fevers are understood to be most commonly caused by viruses and will usually last three to seven days. During this time, it is critical to drink plenty of water to stay properly hydrated and to make sure the body is not overheated from overdressing. Typically, this will result in a healthy feverish response and not an over-elevated temperature.

Action Steps

Unless a fever presents with other symptoms such as abnormal behavior, difficulty breathing, or extreme fatigue, doctors should advise that nothing is wrong. Some antibiotics, prescription drugs, and vaccines have shown to cause increased temperature.

Chiropractic adjustments do not treat fevers, but did you know a spinal adjustment is one of the best things you can do when a fever strikes?

Chiropractors, like Dr. Schulte, remove stress from the nervous system so it can function stronger and with less stress. A body clear of subluxations (interference in the nervous system) is much more efficient and stronger than one with subluxations. After receiving a spinal adjustment, a fever may: go up, go down, or remain the same. It all depends on what the body needs.

The World’s Greatest Drug Store

Young Girl with WaterYou are host to the greatest drug store in the world. Chemicals are produced constantly in your body in order to regulate health, including temperature. Thousands of antibiotics and antivirals are created to ward off “intruders” in the body. Spinal adjustments ensure the body is expressing health and promoting healing when needed. Getting adjusted could be the difference between a quick, drug-free recovery from illness, or a slow recovery correlated with drugs and difficulty.

Chiropractic is Different

The  medical model of western society encourages suppression of symptoms, which, findings show, can lead to future health complications. Chiropractic care promotes expression and allows the body to release pent up stress. It’s not that chiropractors are against all medical care. There is an appropriate time and place for all care. It is just important to understand how a clear nervous system benefits the whole body and allows the body to be more receptive to any care given.

Regardless of the disease or complication, spinal health is critically important to good overall health. In conjunction with good nutrition, the body can and will function at high levels of health. Subluxations can be caused by anything from emotional stress to the air you are breathing. Only a chiropractor can determine if you or your family are in need of a spinal adjustment. A healthy spine can improve your life – be sure to have regular adjustments scheduled. You are worth it!