On January 4th, 1950, Masha and Dasha Krivoshiyapova were born. They were conjoined twins. Due to the way they were joined at the hip, surgery was out of the question. Together, they had three legs, one intestinal system, four kidneys, one bladder, one reproductive system, and one circulatory system. This meant Masha and Dasha shared the same blood too.

Their unique situation drew attention from scientists. They were placed in an institution for 40 years where scientists continually experimented on them. The doctors found it astounding how each girl handled stressors differently. There was never a time when both twins were sick at the same time! In fact, it seemed that Dasha was much much more susceptible to disease and infection.

The scientists wondered how it was possible for the twins to react so differently to stress when they shared so many things. Their environment, nutrition, sleep, and exercise were all the same in addition to sharing part of their bodies, including blood. How could Masha be exposed to the same virus-infected blood that Dasha carried, but not become ill?

The conclusion: Each twin had their own separate neurological system.

Our nervous systems greatly influence the strength of our immune system. If our nervous system is compromised, our bodies are not able to protect us from stressors. A run-down nervous system makes for a sick person; illness has little to do with exposure to germs. Masha and Dasha clearly revealed this fact. Since Masha had a stronger nervous system, she was able to handle stress better and be sick less that her twin, Dasha.

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