Dr. Greg Schulte, Chiropractor

Dr. Schulte never imagined he’d become a chiropractor. He had completed a degree in mechanical engineering and was working in the field when he went to see a chiropractor for a chronic reflux problem. Traditional medical doctors had prescribed medications that didn’t work and recommended an experimental surgery that sounded drastic. Running out of options, Dr. Schulte finally listened to his mom who told him, “You need to go see a chiropractor!” His mom’s recommendation not only changed his health, it changed his life.

After experiencing the healing benefits of chiropractic firsthand (including the complete healing of his reflux!), he decided to change careers and go back to school to become a Chiropractor so that he could help other people achieve improved health and wellness.

Dr. Schulte graduated with honors from the National College of Chiropractic in Lombard in 1999. He opened his first practice that same year with a fellow graduate. In July 2001 he moved to the current location to open Schulte Family Chiropractic.

Dr. Schulte’s purpose as a wellness chiropractor is to help people of all ages get and stay healthy for a lifetime.  He values building a strong, caring, coaching relationship with his patients.

“I love to help people and find it very rewarding to partner with my patients for a lifetime of health and wellness,”  he says.

Dr. Schulte has a busy family practice and has had the honor and privilege to take care of three generations of family members. He has seen health-challenged toddlers become healthy children who then transition to the tween and teen years with a healthy nervous system.

In addition to pediatrics, Dr. Schulte loves to help adults and athletes improve their health and performance — on the job or on the playing field. Dr. Schulte is passionate about educating his patients in lifestyle choices—like nutrition, sleep, exercise and stress management—that support regular chiropractic adjustments. Just as chiropractic made a dramatic difference in his own health and lifestyle, Dr. Schulte is committed to helping others stay healthy and active today and for years to come.

Dr. Schulte resides in St. Charles with his wife and two children and strives to live the healthy lifestyle he promotes to his patients.

The Schulte Family