Immune Defense Relies Heavily On Nerves -
Your immune system is like the armed forces. Within the armed forces, there are several divisions (Army, Navy, Marines, and Air Force). Each of these groups specialize in protecting us with different skills and in various areas. Your immune system works very much the same way. In this comparison, your nervous system plays the role of the Pentagon – it is absolutely vital for communication between various divisions of the armed forces.

The Immune system’s role is to protect you from foreign invaders like disease-producing viruses, bacteria, parasites, and fungi. When the nervous system and immune system are both healthy, the communication is strong and effective. Which means less stress and less disease.

Sometimes, the immune system incorrectly perceives a non-disease producing substance. Things like pollen, mold, shelfish, etc. can all be viewed as a threat that the immune system reacts to with an immune response that ultimately causes symptoms. These non-invasive threats can be from outside (mold, plants, grass), from foods (nuts, eggs, milk, and gluten are common), and from many other triggers.

Researchers have found there are nerve endings in the tissues of the immune system and that there is a direct connection between the health of the nervous system and that of the immune system. The central nervous system has been shown to directly affect the bone marrow and thymus, both places where immune cells are created. It also directly affects the spleen and lymph nodes, both places where immune cells are stored.

What does this mean for you? Everyday stress has a profound effect on the health of your nervous system which directly effects the ability of your immune system to protect you. Stress from anything; life trauma, poor habits, chemicals, junk food, and even thoughts effects the function of your nervous system. This is another reason why it is absolutely critical that you have your nervous system checked by a chiropractor. Beyond improving allergy symptoms, chiropractors help address your long-term health. Get your spine checked and cleared of stress so you can live life without interference.