Snickerdoodle Green Smoothie - Rabbit Food For My Bunny TeethHave you tried green smoothies yet? They’re one of the easiest ways to eat healthy foods. They are especially great for anyone who can’t stand veggies, including kids. There are so many awesome recipes available to help you pack a wide variety of nutrients into a delicious, enjoyable shake.

Although making smoothies is easy, it can be an intimidating thing to start trying. This Thursday, Dr. Schulte and Becky are hosting a Smoothie Workshop at the office! They will cover the basics of smoothies, why they’re so important for good health, and let you taste some yummy samples.

Here are a few delicious recipes you might want to try. Other tasty options will be made for your enjoyment this Thursday at 7 pm.

Call the office at 630-485-5088 to RSVP!