January 4, 2013


To Our Friends,


Wishing a Happy and abundant 2013 to you!  I am really excited to let you know about an exciting program we are offering to kick off the New Year to exceptionally healthy start. I am having our first ever Patient Education Purification Workshop.

I have helped many people achieve better health through Nutrition Response Testing&#8480 and the use of Standard Process products.  Standard Process has been producing quality, organic, whole food, natural supplements since 1929.   That is why I have chosen to align my practice with their products.

I have specifically asked a Standard Process representative to come to my office and co-present a program on the Standard Process Purification Program.  This is a 21-day diet and body cleansing program specifically designed to purge toxins and to cleanse your system to allow a healthier body.  We are exposed to so many toxins in our daily life.  It is important to cleanse the body in order to maintain our health and to prevent sickness/illness from happening.  I have had several patients complete this program with fantastic results and would love to have you come and learn more about it.  The old axiom of “you are what you eat” definitely is true.

I would like to invite you to come and join myself and Nickole Ragsdale of Standard Process present this important workshop.  Nickole and I will perform this workshop at my office on Wednesday, January 16, 2013 at 7pm to answer all of your questions.  There is no better time to do this Purification Program than right now.  Start the New Year off right.   Space is limited for this event, so call now to reserve your spot.  Please RSVP by January 15th by 5pm.  Special discount pricing will be offered the night of the workshop for this program.

I look forward to seeing you on the 16th!


Yours in Excellent Health,



Dr Greg