I’ve been to several chiropractors over the years but none have corrected my problems or made me feel as good as Dr. Schulte has. He truly knows how keep the body aligned and healthy. Recently, I got a new reminder of this as I learned that I had become pregnant on my own. For many people, this happens pretty easily, but for me it doesn’t. After years of infertility treatments, I had twins through IVF (In Vitro Fertilization). After coming to Schulte Family Chiropractic & Nutrition Center for 6 months, I’ve never felt better and I became pregnant the old fashioned way! I know that this would not have happened without my the chiropractic care plan I have followed from Dr. Schulte.

– Carey D.

I have been receiving chiropractic care with good results for some time, so when I decided to start seriously treating my son’s bedwetting problem, I spoke to Dr. Schulte. I was surprised this was something that could be treated with chiropractic care. At almost 7 years old, my son was wetting nearly nightly. We had tried waking him through the night, rewards for dry nights, and loud alarms. Nothing worked. He was in such a deep sleep each night that wetting the bed didn’t even wake him. My husband was skeptical but I was willing to try anything to fix this. The same night of his first adjustment my son woke up on his own and went to the bathroom! Surely a fluke? Nope. With each adjustment we saw improvements. After only 10 adjustments my son has stayed dry for 30 straight nights! We are taking him out for an arcade party to celebrate! He is so proud and now I don’t have to constantly do laundry or worry about him spending the night at the grandparents. It has been a huge relief for all of us! We are so glad we gave chiropractic a chance!

– Carol C.

I was having numbness and tingling in my left arm. I came into Dr. Schulte’s office hoping for the best, but wasn’t expecting such a fast recovery. Dr. Schulte was very thorough in his treatment, explaining the reasoning behind his method. I was always skeptical of chiropractic care but now I am a full believer! I would recommend Dr. Schulte to anyone looking for an honest, direct, approach to chiropractic care.

– Jeff P.

Every time Sam visits Dr. Schulte, he has a great baseball game. On a recent occasion, Sam was in a hitting slump. We came to Dr. Schulte, and that evening, Sam had the best game of his life! He had a triple, two doubles, three singles, and pitched a great inning with three strikeouts!

– Gabrielle W.

We heard of Dr. Schulte’s work through word-of-mouth, and while skeptical, decided to take a chance with our 2-year-old son. And we are so glad we did! The past year of our 2-year-old’s life has been infinitely improved thanks to Dr. Schulte! Our son presented to Dr. Schulte in August 2007 with chronic fluid in his ears, severe food allergies, environmental allergies, and a long history of antibiotic use due to two winter-long battles with RSV, ear infections, sinus infections, and bronchitis. After the first month of adjustments by Dr. Schulte, our son’s ears were free from fluid for the first time since infancy! We were very happy with the initial results, but wondered if such positive change could be sustained through what was usually a harsh, sick winter. Much to our surprise, our son only had 2 colds through the winter and both resolved on their own without leading to further complications. It was amazing to watch his body heal itself in a way we had never witnessed before! He took NO antibiotics and NO trips to the pediatrician the entire winter!!! As an added bonus, yearly allergy blood work indicated a significant decrease in lgE levels of his previously bothersome environmental allergens. And while the lgE levels to his severe food allergies are still at a level that would indicate risk of allergic reaction, there has been a decrease among all his food allergies, giving us the hope that since his immune system is getting stronger, that one day, he might outgrow some of his food allergies. While we have done our best to clean the toxins from out diets and our home (cleaning products etc.) to help enhance our son’s immune function, we credit Dr. Schulte with working the fabulous turnaround in our son’s health and wellness. We are so grateful for his advice, care, and results!

– Kristen K.

I first came to see Dr. Schulte for injured muscles in my back, and after working through that and other things, I noticed that I could breathe and smell better. I have had sinus troubles for the last two years, recurring sinus infections, and loss of smell and air flow through my nose. I came home after an adjustment and could smell how fresh my house smelled, because I had just cleaned! It sounds like such a small feat but after not being able to smell for two years, I am so excited!! After an adjustment my airways open up immediately and it’s a wonderful thing!

– Anonymous

I wanted to take this time to acknowledge the wonderful help that I received from Dr. Greg Schulte. I injured myself during a workout that resulted in sciatica on my right side, leaving me with pain so bad that it even disrupted my sleep. Unfortunately, this injury is in the same leg that I have absolutely no cartilage in my knee, so my condition was complicated by this.

I have only used chiropractic services a couple of other times in my life when I “threw out my back,” but always with successful results, so I immediately thought of Dr. Schulte when I injured myself this time, even though I had never seen him before.

He did a complete assessment of my condition, while listening to all my symptoms. While going through the treatments he suggested, he continued to listen to me about how I was reacting to the treatments and adjusted them accordingly. I have to say that I was very concerned because I noticed a considerable loss of strength in my right leg, and wasn’t sure if it would ever be as strong as it once was, particularly with a knee that was already compromised.

Week after week, I continued to show improvement, alleviating the discomfort and severe pain only after a few treatments. I was able to resume my water aerobics classes after only a couple of weeks of treatments. I am now happily to the point where I am completely pain free, and I have a noticeable improvement of strength in my right leg, which is a huge relief to me.

I would strongly recommend Dr. Schulte to anyone who is suffering from chronic pain, or pain that resulted from an injury. I also would recommend him if anyone is apprehensive about chiropractic care, as he is gentle and caring, and takes the time to listen to you and explain what is going on with your body.

– Carol M.

I am an absolute fan of Chiropractic and have been coming to Dr. Schulte on a regular basis along with my son for five years. A LOT of successes have come from regular adjustments, but since September of 2012, my entire life changed when I became part of the nutrition response testing program Dr. Schulte offers.

I desperately needed to lower my blood pressure, and for the past 5 years I have known I needed to lose weight. I was having heart palpitations and my energy was lacking.

So…fast forward, two short months later, my blood pressure is within the normal range, I am down 19.5 pounds and had to go shopping for new jeans!!! I am eating health and well and with the nutritional check-ups, I am using supplements meant just for me and my growth towards health. It is a life style change kick started by the wonderful caring folks at Schulte Family Chiropractic and Nutrition Center. Which I think has extended my life certainly the quality of my life has improved NATURALLY. I am thrilled!!! If I could do this, believe me anyone can with the support of these caring people. I love them!!!

– Diane M.

Around the time our son Elliott was six months old, we became aware that he was not developing along a typical trajectory. He wasn’t making any progress toward sitting on his own. In addition he frequently made unusual jerking and clenching hand motions. In June 2009, right after Elliott turned two – and was still not walking – he was seen by a neurologist who felt very concerned about his global developmental delays and involuntary muscle tightness. She also suggested a possible pervasive developmental disorder (PDD). Genetic, metabolic and enzyme test results all proved to be normal.

About this same time, we brought Elliott in to Schulte Family Chiropractic to be evaluated. A friend spoke highly of Dr. Schulte and although we had no experience with chiropractic care, we decided it was worth checking out. The initial scans Dr. Schulte performed revealed that Elliott had off-the-charts severe muscle tension in his top four vertebrae as well as a host of other nerve and muscle issues throughout his spine. We began treatment twice a week and within a month, we noticed a marked difference in the involuntary hand clenching and muscle tightness that had plagued Elliott for most of his young life. In addition, we noticed an immediate difference in his cognitive function. In fact, the afternoon after his first treatment, he gathered up the matchbox cars in the living room and lined them up. Whether this was a fluke or an actual effect of one chiropractic treatment, I cannot say with certainty. I do know that it was something he had never done before, something that we never even imagined he could do.

Over the course of several months we noticed huge gains in both physical and cognitive functioning as a result of chiropractic care. We feel we can point to the care specifically because there was a three-month delay in beginning the speech, occupational and physical therapies he qualified for and thus was receiving no other interventions during the summer of 2009.

In October 2009 Elliott was rescanned by Dr. Schulte and the difference between these scans and the first ones was stunning. There was no doubt the chiropractic care had benefited our son in very significant ways. In fact, in late November 2009 we returned to the neurologist for a follow up visit. She was amazed by Elliott’s progress. The neurologist told us that rarely in her career had she ever seen a child with the kind of significant delays Elliott presented in the first visit improve so rapidly. She no longer thought he showed any signs of PDD and was delighted that his gait and language had improved so much in so short a time.

We are confident that we have Schulte Family Chiropractic to thank for our son’s rapid improvements. As a result our whole family receives regular chiropractic adjustments and we highly recommend Dr. Schulte to everyone we know.

– Anonymous

When I first became a patient of Dr. Schulte’s, I felt like an emotional roller coaster. I would go from happy to anxious in a snap and on many days I would feel sad and anxious for no apparent reason. Since starting my nutrition and chiropractic care programs, my mental and emotional health have improved tremendously.

I”ve learned that what I eat makes a huge difference in how stable my well-being is. The best part about being a patient of Dr. Schulte’s is his sincere interest in improving my health. I can tell that he is always doing everything he can to provide me with the information I need so I can live the best life possible.  It is hard to believe that I lived for 25 years without knowing the true aspects of a healthy diet and the importance of having a healthy nervous system! I am so glad to be under Dr. Schulte’s care.

– Anonymous