Try Some Tea

Herbal teas can be quite powerful and effective when it comes to feeling your best. Now that the temps are dropping, it’s even more enjoyable to steep a hot cup of tea to sip on. Let’s highlight a few of our favorite go-to teas.

Total Tea

We fell in love with this small tea company a few years ago when Dr. Schulte’s mom had great success improving her digestion by enjoying the tea daily. And, the great part is that they have 3 flavors that all taste great.

Gentle Detox may help with bloating, constipation, and weight loss.

Herbal Green Energy and Herbal Red Energy can help with appetite suppression while proving energy and mental focus.

Total Tea is available at Schulte Family Chiropractic

Traditional Medicinals

This company has a large range of high quality herbal teas created by master herbalists so you get the best blends possible. One of Dr. Schulte’s favorites during and after a cold is the Throat Coat Tea. They actually offer an entire line of seasonal teas to support the immune system and respiratory system.

This company also kept the kids in mind when creating a line of options with lower amounts of herbs so they are safe for little ones.

Many of these can be found at Fruitful Yield, Woodmans, and ordered online.

Organic India – Tulsi Tea

This is another quality, organic tea that offers several teas that are high in antioxidants which help protect our cells from damage (great for feeling like the fountain of youth). One of our favorites is the soothing Licorice Spice.

Many of these can also be found at Fruitful Yield, Woodmans, or online.

Remember when choosing tea, you’re really choosing herbs so it’s important to look for quality, organic options to avoid pesticides and fillers. Don’t underestimate the healing benefits of a warm cup of tea – they can be pretty profound.

We’d love to hear what your go-to teas are, feel free to share below!