What is a headache?

Chiropractic Care to Treat a HeadacheThere are several kinds of headaches and also many things that can cause headaches.

Did you know: The brain can not feel pain?

It is actually compromised structures such as blood vessels, muscles, bones, and nerves that cause pain as an indication that there is a problem. Most often, physical trauma, emotional stress, chemical toxins, or nutritional deficiencies cause the headaches to begin. In some cases, a combination of these may be causing the pain.

How will Dr. Schulte know if he can help with my headache?

The exam process will allow him to identify what stressors are contributing to headaches. After discussing a patient’s health history, he will conduct a series of tests that will allow him to detect signs of malfunction Sometimes, range of motion tests will indicate pain, restricted movement, or stiffness. A palpation test may reveal swelling, tenderness, muscle tension, or vertebral subluxations.

Other times, after Dr. Schulte has collected the patient’s health history, he may suggest using Nutrition Response Testingâ„  as a way to correct the cause of headaches. During a nutrition exam, Dr. Schulte uses a clinically proven technique to reveal organs that need to be supported.

How does chiropractic care treat a headache?

Based on exam findings, Dr. Schulte will put together a care plan that will best suit the patient. If chiropractic care is that best option, Dr. Schulte will work to correct subluxations to allow for proper nerve expression. This may include improving joint movement, increasing range of motion, releasing muscle tension, and/or reducing swelling.

Chiropractic Adjustment for a HeadacheWhen a patient is a Nutrition Response Testingâ„  candidate, Dr. Schulte will prepare a care plan that will include dietary suggestions and modifications and often whole food supplements that aid in healing and sometimes act as a mild detox to stressors in the body.

What if I don’t have a headache during my office visit?

Then that would be great! Dr. Schulte does not need you to be in pain in order to determine what your history is and what your body needs to function optimally.  In fact, after working with Dr. Schulte, a patient should begin to feel pain less often or or no pain at all. Neither of the approaches he takes are an aspirin. By treating the cause of the headache, a patient’s body will begin to return to a state of ease. Dr. Schulte is not interested in managing symptoms, rather he prefers to manage the body so that it can support a patient through various types of stress.

How long will it take to feel better?

Some patients experience immediate relief, others notice improvement more slowly. Sometimes a patient will notice faster improvement if they are able to eliminate or reduce various stressors from their life. It is important to remember that it takes a long time to become sick and often times people live with headaches or in a state of dis-ease for weeks, months, or years before seeking corrective care. Similarly, the body takes time to heal and regain a state of ease. Be patient and persistent!

What if chiropractic care doesn’t help my headache?

If chiropractic adjustments are not providing the results you need, Dr. Schulte has helped many patients eliminate headaches with Nutrition Response Testingâ„ . If these approaches do not work as expected, Dr. Schulte will be able to help by referring patients to other specialists who can provide different approaches to health. Your health is our goal!

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